Monthly Goals : July 2016

Before the wink of eyes, June passed, and we are in July.  As I mentioned in my earlier post, June was a tough month. I had to face a big work issue that literally knocked off me. I had to work a lot on fixing up that issue. So pursuing my goals and habits was very challenging. Most of the time, I simply want to quit everything.

However, after 23 sleepless nights, I finally managed to fix the issue. Then I was fine. But I nearly came to a point of total burnout.

So I want to take up things slow on July. I have two kids who keep me occupied most of the day. I need to focus on my other websites work. The goals I have listed down below are something I want to try in the remaining time.

Till the mid of July, I foresee some family events and gatherings, so I need to keep that into account before I set this month goal.

Finally, I have come up with below few tasks as they are very crucial for the time being.


Writing is very challenging work. If I want to make progress, in the long run, I should instil the habit of writing every day, at least on weekdays.


  • Write 800 to 1000 words every week day
  • Write 8 Articles for The Quotes Master

So I have set down the same goals like June 2016, except that I have cut down the number of posts I plan to write for Quotes Master.  I have a reason to slash down the article count. I will explain later.


As you know, I am taking baby steps to clear the clutter around me. This month is to clear my hard disk. I have been accumulating my two ‘1 Terabyte’ hard disks with mindless junks. I plan to declutter my photo albums this month.  The idea is to organize each photo by year and events, and if possible take necessary backup for important pictures.

Goal: Organize photo albums on hard disk


If you have read my earlier months goals, you might have known that I want to stay fit as much as possible. I have only a couple of days to finish the 90-day exercise challenge which I began in April 2016. Once I finish that off, I want to stick to basic cardio workouts and abs toning exercises this month. Besides workout, I want to maintain a food journal to track my eating habits.

I have successfully built the exercise habit for the past 90 days. However, I am very inconsistent when it comes to what I eat. I easily indulge in binge eating and end up nullifying the effect I created via exercise. Unless I mind what I eat, I tend to remain the same.

Goal: 20 Min workout on each weekday

Writing a book

This is one of my long term dreams. I want to write short non-fiction eBook to test out my writing skills. This month I am going to take the first step towards it. This is the reason why I cut down the article count on my writing goals. I want to write a real book instead of articles.

Goal: Outline the book


This is the area where I have nil knowledge. I started focusing on this area only since last month. I didn’t achieve eve 50% of goal I set out last month. This month I want to be little more specific while defining goals.


  • I want to save 20% of my household expenses.
  • I want to invest that 20%
  • I want to write down everyday expenses on a note. In short, I want to track where the money is going.

These are goals I have on my agenda right now. If you wonder why I didn’t mention some of the goals which I had for the past few months, then it is because it is ingrained in my schedule and I don’t have to mention it here and track it separately.

As you clearly see, I am taking it slow. I don’t want to aim too much on July. I hope you are done with your plans for July 2016. If so, please share your plans via the comment section. In case, you didn’t plan for July yet, I highly recommend you to write down your goals. Once when you put down your goals on paper, you force yourself to make the progress.

That’s all for now. Please share your goals and progress on the comment section.

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