Monthly Goals

July 2016 has been a challenging month. Personal commitments took priority and I could hardly meet any of the goals which I planned. I was already in the state of burn out at the end of June due to a work issue. This month is equally challenging. I did the minimal work to keep my websites running. Other than that, I let go everything on the flow.

I didn’t push myself to do anything because of severe personal issues. I felt staying flexible is the only solution to keep things going instead of being pushy and end up defeated.

Writing Goals:


  • Write 800 to 1000 words every week day
  • Write 8 Articles for The Quotes Master

I am happy that I have stick to the above goals 80% of the time. I have met my daily word count except for very few days. In the days where I succeed to write, I have easily crossed 1500 words.

Also, I have met the goal to write 8 articles for Quotes Master.

Organizing Goals:

Goal: Organize photo albums on hard disk

I was able to make progress only about 50%. I started with a bang. Organized plenty of photo albums with the same approach I used to clear my email inbox. I just spent 10 minutes each day to keep the momentum to organize my photos.

However, once my personal issues cropped up,  it became a thing of least priority. Ultimately I had to let it go completely.


Goal: 20 Min workout on each weekday

I was very intermittent on the exercise too.  I made a good start on the month beginning. I finally finished off my 90 days exercise challenge. Once I am let off from the challenge, I didn’t have strong accountability to continue. There after I started to slow down. I was able to do only for 4 days in a week. But this is really bad.

Writing a book

Goal: Outline the book

I am very happy to say that I finished the outline of the book. The good news is I didn’t stop with the outline. I went ahead and finished the rough draft too. I have written 13.5k words for about 10 days to complete the first draft.

At present, I am in the editing stage. This is the one goal where I surpassed the requirements.



  • I want to save 20% of my household expenses.
  • I want to invest that 20%
  • I want to write down everyday expenses on a note.

I have saved 20% but didn’t yet invest it. I have successfully formed the habit of writing down my daily expenses. It helps me to track on how I spend. Also, I begin to get clarity on where I waste money.

Though I am making progress on this, I am still snail paced. I should get a grip soon and do something concrete to invest my money.

That’s all for July 2016. I know it is so less and no use in blaming my circumstances. Nevertheless, it is a lesson to plan my upcoming months. At tough times, I should be more proactive and stay focused rather than being carried off by my problems.

I hope to flare better on August 2016. Now share me your progress on the comment section.



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