About Me

Hi! I am Vani, the person behind this blog. Quotes Master was founded by me due to my passion on life changing quotes. I strongly believe that one uplifting line or passage or few words can make a lot of change in a person’s life. I have personally felt that many times. It doesn’t take a long biography to inspire me, just a few positive words and I am back to attack the world.

Now, before I delve deeper on how I found out this blog and what this is all about, I want to tell you about me more.

I am from Chennai, India. I am a working from home mom with two beautiful kids (A charming princess and a dashing prince). I have 10 years of IT experience. After my second baby (my boy) at Oct 2014, I had to resign my work to take care my two little dragons.

I was very worried that I have to let go off my well-paying job.  Also, I am so used to working and I cannot imagine a life without work. After endless hours of thinking and what to do next, I finally decided upon working online so I can permanently work from home and be there for my kids.

I started a Jewellery service website on Feb 2015. That’s when my second career began. Around the same time, my husband moved to abroad for his job. So I am a budding entrepreneur and a single parent with two little kids doting around me all the time.

It was a life changing journey. Working with two little kids posed me challenges which I never witnessed even on my 10 years of corporate experience.  Besides, building my own business right after my c-section (both of my kids are C-section) delivery was a herculean task.

I was drained, confused, and most of the time stressed out. I was standing on the verge of line that crosses between sanity and insanity. That’s when I started reading quotes just to motivate me when I am drowned on the ocean of stress.

Soon, I loved reading quotes and I began www.thequotesmaster.com as an online sanctuary for the wonderful lines that kept me going. Later, I realized that this is not sufficient. In fact, developing this site has overloaded me and I was struggling more badly to keep my business going along with this. I sought the help of my well wishers and they helped me graciously to collect quotes for this website. Again it was not enough. I couldn’t manage work with kids and losing myself in the stress.

That’s when I decided, if I need to cope up this challenge, I basically need to improve myself in every aspect of my life. That includes from time management, to habit formation, setting goals, improving writing, reading, organizing …and what not!!! . After a point, I wanted to share my life to the readers of this blog. That’s how The Quotes Master changed from a quotes database to a personal blog.

My two kids are bringing out the best in me. I am chasing my dreams while living a wild life with my two bunnies.  Here you will find lots of interesting write-ups on how to improve yourself. All of them are based on the experience I gathered by working along with my kids.  Also, here you can find tons of inspiring quotes that will pull you off from any situation.

Thanks for reading my little history!!!