A canter is a cure for every evil. – Benjamin Disraeli

A dog may be man’s best friend…but the horse wrote history. – Unknown

A good horse should be seldom spurred. – Thomas Fuller

A good rider can hear his horse speak to him. A great rider can hear his horse whisper.       – Unknown

A horse doesn’t care how much you know until he knows how much you care. Put your hand on your horse and your heart in your hand. – Pat Parelli 

A horse gallops with his lungs perseveres with his heart and wins with his character.          – Federico Tesio

A horse is like a violin.  First, it must be tuned, and when tuned, it must be accurately played. – Unknown

A horse is the projection of peoples’ dreams about themselves – strong, powerful, beautiful – and has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence. – Pam Brown

A horse is worth more than riches. – Spanish Proverb

A horse never runs so fast as when he has other horses to catch up and outpace. – Ovid

A horse, a horse! My kingdom for a horse! – Shakespeare

A lovely horse is always an experience… It is an emotional experience of the kind that is spoiled by words. – Beryl Markham

A man in passion rides a horse that runs away with him.- Thomas Fuller

A man on a horse is spiritually, as well as physically, bigger than a man on foot                 – John Steinbeck

A man that doesn’t love a horse, there is something the matter with him. – Will Rogers

A pony is a childhood dream. A horse is an adulthood treasure. – Rebecca Carroll 

A stubborn horse walks behind you, an impatient horse walks in front of you, but a noble companion walks beside you. – Unknown

A true horseman does not look at the horse with his eyes; he looks at his horse with his heart. – Unknown

Being on a horse is one of my most natural places to be. – ​Sinbad

Bread may feed my body, but my horse feeds my soul. – Unknown

Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway. – John Wayne 

For one to fly, one needs only to take the reins. – Melissa James 

God forbid that I should go to any heaven in which there are no horses.                             – R.B. Cunningham Graham

God made the horse from the breath of the wind, the beauty of the earth, and the soul of an angel. – Unknown

Half the failures in life result from pulling in one’s horse when it is leaping. – Unknown

He has galloped through young girl’s dreams, added richness to grown women’s lives, and served men in war and strife. – Toni Robinson

Horse sense is the thing a horse has which keeps it from betting on people. – W.C. Fields 

Horses and children, I often think, have a lot of the good sense there is in the world.           – Josephine Demott Robinson

Horses are predictably unpredictable. – Loretta Gage

Horses change lives. They give our young people confidence and self-esteem.  They provide peace and tranquillity to troubled souls. They give us hope! – Toni Robinson

Horses lend us the wings we lack. – Pam Brown

Horses make a landscape look beautiful. – Alice Walker

I am still under the impression that there is nothing alive quite so beautiful as a horse.        – John Galsworthy 

I can make a General in five minutes, but a good horse is hard to replace.                         – Abraham Lincoln

I have seen things so beautiful they have brought tears to my eyes. Yet none of them can match the gracefulness and beauty of a horse running free. – Unknown

I’d rather ride on a Mustang, than in one. – Bailey Ann Neal 

I’ve often said there is nothing better for the inside of the man than the outside of the horse. – Ronald Reagan

If the horse does not enjoy his work, his rider will have no joy. – H.H. Isenberg

If you have seen nothing but the beauty of their markings and limbs, their true beauty is hidden from you. – Unknown

If your horse says “no”, you either asked the wrong question or asked the question wrong. – Pat Parelli

In riding a horse, we borrow freedom. – Helen Thompson

In their eyes shine stars of wisdom and courage to guide men to the heavens.                   – Jodie Mitchell

It is the horse’s gift to connect us with Heaven and our own footsteps. – Ronni Sweet

I’ve spent most of my life riding horses. The rest I’ve just wasted. – Unknown

Let a horse guide you and you will find freedom. – Jodie Mitchell

Let a horse whisper in your ear and breathe in your heart. You will never regret it.             – Unknown

My horses are my friends, not my slaves. – Reiner Klimke

No heaven can heaven be if my horse isn’t there to welcome me. – Unknown

No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle. – Winston Churchill

No one can teach riding so well as a horse. – C. S. Lewis

No philosophers so thoroughly comprehend us as dogs and horses. – Herman Melville

On the back of a horse, you will find Paradise. – Stella A. Walker

One can get in a car and see what man has made. One must get on a horse to see what God has made. – Unknown

One who believes that he has mastered the art of horsemanship has not yet begun to understand the horse. – Unknown

Slippery-smooth rhythmic motion, absolute single-minded purpose, motion for the pleasure of motion itself. It was terrible, its beauty, the flight of the horse. – Larry Niven

The air of heaven is that which blows between a horse’s ears. – Arabian Proverb

The earth would be nothing without the people but the man would be nothing without the horse. – Unknown

The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit, and freedom. – Sharon Ralls Lemon


The history of mankind is carried on the back of a horse. – Unknown

The horse is a mirror to your soul and sometimes you might not like what you see in the mirror. – Buck Brannaman

The horse is an archetypal symbol that will always find ways to stir up deep and moving ancestral. – Paul Mellon

The horse moved like a dancer, which is not surprising. A horse is a beautiful animal, but he is perhaps most remarkable because he moves as if he always hears music.                   – Mark Helprin

The horse through all its trials has preserved the sweetness of paradise in its blood.            – Johannes Jensen

The horse, the horse! The symbol of surging potency and power of movement, of action.    – D. H. Lawrence

The horse, with beauty unsurpassed, strength immeasurable, and grace unlike any other, still remains humble enough to carry a man upon his back. – Amber Senti

The love for a horse is just as complicated as the love for another human being… if you never love a horse, you will never understand. – Unknown

The wagon rests in winter, the sleigh in summer, the horse never. – ​Yiddish proverb

The way to heaven is on horseback. – Unknown

There is no secret so close as that between a rider and his horse. – Robert Smith Surtees

Through the days of love and celebration and joy and through the dark days of mourning – the faithful horse has been with us always. – Elizabeth Cotton

To many, the words love, hope, and dreams are synonymous with horses. – Unknown

To me, horses and freedom are synonymous. – Veryl Goodnight

To ride on a horse is to fly without wings. – Unknown

To see the wind’s power, the rain’s cleansing, and the sun’s radiant life, one need only to look at the horse. – Unknown

To understand the soul of a horse is the closest human beings can come to knowing perfection. – Unknown

We have almost forgotten how strange a thing it is that so huge and powerful and intelligent an animal as a horse should allow another, and far more feeble animal, to ride upon his back. – Peter Gray

When God wanted to create the horse, he said to the South Wind, “I want to make a creature of you.  Condense.’ And the Wind condensed. – Emir Abd-el-Kader

When you are on a great horse, you have the best seat you will ever have.                        – Sir Winston Churchill

When your horse follows you without being asked, when he rubs his head on yours, and when you look at him and feel a tingle down your spine…you know you are loved.             – John Lyons

Wherever man has left his footprints in the long ascent from barbarism to civilization, we find the hoofprint of a horse beside it. – John Trotwood Moore

You can see what man-made from the seat of an automobile, but the best way to see what God made is from the back of a horse. – Charles M. Russell

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